DEAN'S MESSAGE                                                                                    

  Dear Students
             I extend a hearty welcome to all students who have joined in this institution for their higher education in engineering. The true benchmark of an education would be the one by which "character is built, strength of mind is enhanced, and intellect is expanded". With the help of qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, we transform our students to be self-confident and pragmatic such that when they enter real life after their studies, they face various challenges with courage, conviction and success.
              In this era of cut throat competition, education is the main key to success. This institution, a temple of learning, offers a friendly and exciting academic ambience for students to become successful engineers. Hard work, dedication and perseverance are the most important traits for a student to succeed in life. I am sure our students will bring glory to the institution by putting their best effort in studies and exhibit their exemplary behaviour in all walks of life, and will uphold the dignity of college and keep its flag ever flying high. Remember"the reward of every good action will be good only".
             I hope all the students admitted in this institution will enjoy their stay in the campus. Let us all join together, work together and achieve together to relish the fruit of success. India is known for its rich values, culture and heritage, I impress upon all our young learning community to emerge as proud and worthy citizens.

My best wishes to all our students.